A Go-Go Youth

Seishun A Go-Go 青春ア・ゴーゴー

Director: Kenjiro Morinaga 森永健次郎
Released: March 27, 1966
Distributor: Nikkatsu
Screenplay: Ina Ko 伊奈洸 and Shigeki Chiba 千葉茂樹

Meiko Kaji 梶芽衣子 (Masako Ota 太田雅子) as Yuko Muraki
Mitsuo Hamada 浜田光夫 as Satoru Matsumoto
Ken Yamauchi 山内賢
Koji Wada 和田浩治
Judy Ong ジュディ
Masahiro Kinoshita 木下雅弘
Ken Hatano 波多野憲 as Jiro Horii


You can see (poor quality) video of some of the musical numbers from them film on YouTube. Meiko Kaji can be seen in some of them. If you sign up for a free account, there is also this video on the Japanese video site NicoVideo.

Popular 60's Japanese musical group The Spiders appear in the film.



Inspired by a popular battle-of-the-bands television program on Fuji TV, the movie tells the story of five former high school friends who, after seeing The Spiders perform in a jazz café, decide to start their own band called Young and Fresh. They are hounded from practice space to practice space because of the intolerable racket they make, before finding an abandoned church in which to hone their skills. Once joined by a cute female lead singer, they compete against other bands and win the Go Go Festival ’66.

Thanks to TheComicsJournal for the synopsis.