Adventure With Him

Aitsu To No Bouken あいつとの冒険

Director: Horiike Kiyoshi 堀池清
Released: September 18th, 1965
Distributor: Nikkatsu
Screenplay: Yukishitsu Shunichi 雪室俊一


Meiko Kaji 梶芽衣子 (Masako Ota 太田雅子) as Noriko Munakata
Hiroyuki Ota 太田博之 as Mitsuo Hayama
Chiyoshi Tomimatsu 富松千代志 as Akira Yasuda
Koji Wada 和田浩治 as Daisuke
Keiko Hara 原恵子 as Shizue Hayama
Yumi Takano 高野由美 as Hisako
Shi Nakamura 中村是好 as Motozo
Hajime Sugiyama 杉山元 as Sanpei
Yuri Toro 由利徹 as Bookstore Owner



This film is not currently available on DVD.

You can watch some music videos with footage from the film on YouTube here and here.


Students Mitsuo and Akira are ditching school to go visit the Izu Peninsula, and are discovered by Noriko, who then joins them. Something comes up and Akira has to leave, so Noriko and Mitsuo board the train by themselves.

On the island, they come across a nice elderly couple and Noriko vows to make this trip one filled with beautiful memories. They then come across four young guys who attack them, and are helped out by Motozo, who then invites them into his home, so Mitsuo can nurse his injuries. Noriko leaves to go to at a hostel they had booked a room at and finds it occupied. Noriko panics, but is referred to an address on Sanshiro Island. The two of them wander around and share a brief kiss under the stars. After a while, they find a room in a hotel in Shimoda. Mitsuo makes a pass at Noriko and is rejected, but both of them will always remember this day fondly.