Blazing Continent

Moeru Tairiku 燃える大陸

Director: Shogro Nishimura 西村昭五郎
Released: December 14, 1968
Distributor: Nikkatsu
Screenplay: Ei Ogawa 小川英 and Michio Sotake 蘇武道夫

Meiko Kaji (Masako Ota 太田雅子)
Tetsuya Watari 渡哲也 as Keichi Isomura
Chieko Matsubara 松原智恵子as Saeko Yashiro
Miyoko Akaza 赤座美代子 as Kaoru Ikegami
Ken Saunders as Danny
Yuka Hisamari 久万里由香 as Tina
Akira Yamauchi 山内明
Tomoko Sato 佐藤サト子 as Junko
Tatsuya Fuji 藤竜也 as Okabe


This film is not currently available on DVD.

Tetsuya Watari did the theme song for the film, which you can hear on YouTube.



Keichi Isomura a hip artist who, grown tired of Tokyo bar society, travels to Australia to refresh his creative juices. Whilst Ayers Rock has its artistic attractions, he only really rediscovers his lost muse in the form of Japanese expat Saeko, who is already engaged to an Australian mining engineer. The stress of the ensuing love triange drives Saeko to commit suicide. Wrought with grief, Keichi wanders off into the outback, nearly dies and then returns to Japan with sad memories of his visit to the 'blazing continent'.

Thanks to OZ Movies for the plot synopsis.