Blood For Blood

Ryuketsu No Koso 流血の抗争

Director: Yasuharu Hasebe 長谷部安春
Released: June 10, 1971
Distributor: Nikkatsu
Screenplay: Shuichi Nagahara 永原秀一

Meiko Kaji 梶芽衣子
Jo Shishido 宍戸錠
Makoto Sato 佐藤允
Tatsuya Fuji 藤竜也
Ryohei Uchida 内田良平
Sanjo Yasuko 三条泰子
Masaya Oki 沖雅也


Also known under the title of Bloody Battle and Bloody Conflict.


The Akiba and Shimura crime families run the streets of “K City.” With the construction of new buildings and new factories underway, the city has sprouted into a boomtown and business is good. Two of the most infamous mobs of Tokyo take notice and want a piece of the pie. As out-of-town yakuza flood the city overnight, the crime boss of the Akiba family, Tezuka (Jo Shishido), is released from prison after a five year sentence. He does not like the "change" he sees.

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