Lady Snowblood 2: Love Song Of Vengeance

Shura Yuki Hime: Urami Renga 修羅雪姫 怨み恋歌

Director: Toshiya Fujita 藤田敏八
Released: June 15th, 1974
Distributor: Toho
Screenplay: Norio Nogata 長田紀生 and Kiyohide Ohara 大原清秀

Meiko Kaji 梶芽衣子 as Yuki Kashima
Juzo Itami 伊丹十三 as Ransui Tokunaga
Kazuko Yoshiyuki 吉行和子 as Aya Tokunaga
Yoshio Harada 原田芳雄 as Shusuke Tokunaga
Shin Kishida 岸田森 as Seishiro Kikui
Toru Abe 安部徹 as Terauchi Kendo
Rin'ichi Yamamoto 山本麟一 as Inspector Maruyama
Koji Nanbara 南原宏治 as Toad


Sequel to Lady Snowblood, released in 1973.


The film starts with Yuki being captured by the police and sentenced to death for the crimes she committed in the first film. She is rescued by Seishiro Kikui, the head of the Secret Police, who asks her to assassinate "enemy of the state" Tokunaga Ransui, and acquire a document in his possession in exchange for a pardon from all charges against her.

Yuki poses as a maid and gets into Ransui's home, where she begins to observe him and question the path that Seishiro has put her on. When Ransui tells her he knows who she is and reveals that the document is a letter incriminating Seishiro, Yuki trades vengeance for justice and goes after Seishiro.