Main Line To Terror

Domyaku Retto 動脈列島

Director: Yasuzo Masumura 増村保造
Released: September 6th, 1975
Distributor: Toho
Screenplay: Yasuzo Masumura 増村保造 and Yoshio Shirasaka 白坂依志夫

Meiko Kaji 梶芽衣子 as Fumiko
Jiro Tamiya 田宮二郎 as Takigawa
Keiko Sekine 関根恵子 as Tomoko
Masaomi Kondo 近藤正臣 as Akiyama
Hisashi Igawa 井川比佐志 as Akashi
Akihiko Hirata 平田昭彦 as Tanemura
Asao Koike 小池朝雄 as Yamazaki
Kazuo Kato 加藤和夫 as Sanada
So Yamamura 山村聡 as Nagata
Eitaro Ozawa 小沢栄太郎 as Kunimatsu
Fumio Watanabe 渡辺文雄


Also known as Artery Island, Pulsating Island and Main Line Terror.

Based on the novel by Ikko Shimizu 清水一行, which was awarded the 28th Japanese Mystery Writers Association Prize in 1975.

You can read the LA Times reveiw of the film by Linda Gross at UC Berkley's CineFiles website. According to the review, Meiko plays a former hospital technician turned waitresswho provides Akiyama with "love, shelter and assistance" and helps him steal a blood transport truck.



Akiyama is an intern, disgusted with the noise pollution caused by the bullet trains and the heart attacks that noise has been causing in older hospital patients, plots to disrupt and, in ten days, destroy a unit of the operation. He warns the Japan National Railway, that, if nothing is done to reduce the noise, he will derail a bullet train. Takigawa is the police detective sent to stop him.

Thanks to BFI for help with the synopsis.