Female Convict Scorpion: Beast Stable

Joshū Sasori: Kemono Beya 女囚さそり けもの部屋

Director: Shunya Ito 伊藤 俊也
Released: July 29, 1973
Distributor: Toei
Screenplay: Hiro Matsuda 松田寛夫

Meiko Kaji 梶芽衣子 as Nami Matsushima
Mikio Narita 成田三樹夫 as Detective Kondo
Reisen Lee 李礼仙 as Katsu
Yayoi Watanabe 渡辺やよい as Yuki
Koji Nanbara 南原宏治 as Sameshima
Takashi Fujiki 藤木孝 as Tanida
Tomoko Mayama 真山知子 as Shinobu
Mitsuru Mori 森みつる


Based on manga by Toru Shinohara 篠原とおる.

The third film in the Sasori series. Meiko Kaji starred in the first four.



After the events of Jailhouse 41, Nami Matsushima is wanted and on the run. The film starts with an attempt to arrest her on the subway by Detective Kondo and his officers. Kondo succeeds in handcuffing himself to Nami, only to have Nami jam his armin the subway door and cut it off with a knife. She then runs through town with a severed arm attached to her wrist.

Nami stops in a graveyard where she tries to remove the cuffs by dragging them across a headstone, but passes out from injuries and exhaustion before she can finish. She is discovered by a prostitute named Yuki, who brings her back to the shack she lives in with her brain-damaged brother, with whom she has an incestuous relationship. The two become friends.

Nami finds a job as a seamstress and an apartment. One of her neighbors at the apartment recognizes her from wanted posters and threatens to turn her in to the police if she doesn't sleep with him. Nami gets even with him by tricking the guy's actual girlfriend to dump a put of scalding hot water on him. Meanwhile, Yuki is abducted by the gang of a local madam named Katsu, who are not too happy with her turning tricks on their territory. This gang also happens to have been the employer of one would-be rapist living in Nami's apartment building.

When the gang finds out about Nami, they drug, torture and imprison her after Katsu realizes who she is. After some time, Nami escapes and begins killing the gang members one at a time. Katsu, deathly afraid that Nami is coming for her, turns herself in. Shortly after she begins her stint in prison, a new inmate is admitted to the prison: Nami, under a different name and for a crime that only requires a three month sentence. Nami psychologically tortures Katsu to the point that she is placed in isolation. When Detective Kondo comes to visit Katsu, hoping for information about Nami's whereabouts Katsu strangles him through the bars of her cell. The last thing he sees before he dies is Nami, ignoring his cries for help as he strangles to death.