Female Convict Scorpion: Grudge Song

Joshu Sasori - 701 Go Urami Bushi 女囚さそり 701号怨み節

Director: Yasuharu Hasebe 長谷部安春
Released: December 29, 1973
Distributor: Toei
Screenplay: Fumio Konami 神波史男, Hiro Matsuda 松田寛夫 and Yasuharu Hasebe 長谷部安春

Meiko Kaji 梶芽衣子 as Nami Matsushima
Toshiyuki Hosokawa 細川俊之 as Takeshi Kodama
Masakazu Tamura 田村正和 as Yasuo Kudo
Yumi Kanei 金井由美 as Kinuyo Kodama
Hiroshi Tsukata 土方弘 as Detective Hirose
Yayoi Watanabe 渡辺やよい as Midori
Sanae Nakahara 中原早苗 as Akiko Inagaki


Based on manga by Toru Shinohara 篠原とおる.

The fourth film in the Sasori series, and Meiko Kaji's last. The series went on for two more official sequels without her. There have been a number of Scorpion titled films since then, but they bear little or no semblance to the originals.



On the run again, Nami Matsushima is discovered working in a wedding chapel by Inspector Kodama and the police. She is captured, but on the way to the station manages to escape. Kudo, a man who works the lighting in a local strip club, finds her and hides her, having had his own bad run ins with the police and Kodama. One of the strippers that works with Kudo finds out what they're doing and alerts the police. The cops arrest Kudo, beat him and then release him so they can follow him to his hideout.

Kudo and Nami escape and decide that their only play left is to kidnap Kodama's pregnant wife. They go to Kodama's house and tie his wife up, but with their attention diverted, the wife gets up and commits suicide by throwing herself over the balcony. Eventually, Kudo is arrested again and after more beatings and having his mother brought in, he gives up where Nami is hiding. After a fight, Nami is arrested and brought back to prison, where she is scheduled to be hanged. After being savagely beaten by Kodama, Nami escapes with the help of one of the guards who is also abused by Kodama and his men. Nami climbs into the trunk of Kodama's car and finds herself caught in a trap. Kodama knows she's in his trunk and he drives them out to a deserted area where Kodama has had a gallows built especially for her. She walks up the noose, but manages to trip Kodama, who falls into it and strangles to death.