Female Prisoner #701: Scorpion

Joshuu 701-go: Sasori 女囚701号 さそり

Director: Shunya Ito 伊藤 俊也
Released: August 25, 1972
Distributor: Toei
Screenplay: Fumio Konami 神波史男 and Hiro Matsuda 松田寛夫

Meiko Kaji 梶芽衣子 as Nami Matsushima
Fumio Watanabe 渡辺文雄 as Warden Goda
Isao Natsuyagi 夏八木勲 as Tsugio Sugimi
Rie Yokoyama 横山リエ as Katagiri
Hiroko Fan 扇ひろ子 as Shindo Rie
Yayoi Watanabe 渡辺やよい as Yukiko Kida
Hideo Murota 室田日出男 as Okizaki
Yoko Mihara 三原葉子 as Masaki
Akemi Nisgishi 根岸明美 as Otsuka


Based on manga by Toru Shinohara 篠原とおる.

Shunya Ito's directorial debut.



After being betrayed by the man she loves, a crooked cop named Sugimi, and raped by Yakuza thugs while he watched, Nami Matsushima attempts to murder him on the front steps of the police station. She fails, is apprehended and is sentenced to a women's prison, where the male guards are brutal and abusive.

While Nami is imprisoned, Sugimi and his Yakuza buddies decide she knows too much and plot to have her "accidentally" killed inside, with the help of fellow inmate Katagiri and her small gang. Nami is attacked by the gang multiple times, but each time it ends up badly for someone other than her, and she ends up being the one punished by the guards.

There is a riot in the prison after the guardspush the inmates too far and during the melee the ladies hole up in a warehouse. Katagiri and her gang blame the dire situation on Nami and along with the other inmates torture her even further. Eventually, Nami escapes from both the warehouse and the prison and has her revenge on all who have done her wrong.